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So derp n' herp FA linkage

2016-03-24 23:14:28 by uten

literally only here to link my FA to show this account indeed belongs to me and anything I upload to FA from here is legitamate cause internet things blah blah blah you get the deal I think

No one is allowed to comment cause I'm a dick :3


I can't get enough of this face =3

2012-04-20 19:20:32 by uten

again completely ignoring that, My work in progress is up and ready to go =D, check out my music to see what it is and give feed back if you want, I'll take any kind =3

OMG there's a cat face face x3

2012-04-20 16:17:56 by uten

ok completely ignoring that, how long's it been o.o
no really I haven't been on newgrounds since like two years ago, I'm thinking of putting up more music, especially after seeing how popular my older music was, I was like: *insert anime jaw drop here*

Fly away lyrics

2009-05-06 12:38:39 by uten

the lyrics for: Fly Away

V 1: We are all here as free as a bird
and we all have taken our chances

PC 1: while in darkness and pain
thats why we left
keep movin' on
and then they said to us,
"but you can't hide yourself, don't hide yourself"

Chorus 1: and now it's up to us to
fly away
we have escaped from the

V 2/PC 2: we are here now
but back then we
used to say,
"we will leave this place now!"
but we've run away, and we're gone now

Chorus 1: and now it's up to us to
fly away
we have escaped from the

*Guitar solo*

Chorus 1: and now it's up to us to
fly away
we have escaped from the

Chorus 2: and now it's up to us to
fly away
won't you come with us and just

I'm not doing this very often am I?

2009-04-05 20:00:27 by uten

Well I have OFFICIALLY lost count of the songs I made XP but who cares really as long as I'm contributing to the NG Audio Portal.

here's my music page http://uten.newgrounds.com/audio/

go ahead and scroll through it all and post what you like best on this news post

the last person to post wins.

2009-01-06 18:53:11 by uten

I'm winning

a random post

2008-04-16 01:50:23 by uten

post what you want (no cursing at someone though)

the battle has ended

2008-03-21 09:48:09 by uten

and I lost

Music Battle!

2008-03-15 01:04:41 by uten

the contestants are Natasha-The-Cat, and I. the Battle will start on March 15, 2008 at 12:00AM West Coast time, and end on March 21, 2008


1. no voting on own song
2. no officials
3. contestants can only post one song per day
4. contestants may take all day too work on a song (if they wish)

there is no specific Genre

the contest starts in three hours

PS: vote for me

I got Music creator 4 and will be able too submit music once more ...But I need a sound card ^_^'