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The Faceless Man - Old Gods of the Forest The Faceless Man - Old Gods of the Forest

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yes, just all of the yes

Coffee Break! Coffee Break!

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Double the coffee!
Double the excitement!
DOUBLE THE *crashes from lack of coffee!*

sonic adventure live and learn sonic adventure live and learn

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This is a midi on VGmusic all you did was change the sounds in FL studio. Sorry to say but I'm gonna have to give 0 stars

Carameldancing :3 Carameldancing :3

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I have to say VERY nice Natasha though the beginning was a tiny bit off it all sounded good though, I have to ask whats with the ear-piercing sinth as the vocal track?

natasha-the-cat responds:

The "ear-piercing synthesizer" is actually a guitar, and the reason it's the vocal track is because I no my way around the FL slayer more then the sytrus.

Thanks for the comment :3

No More - Linkin Park Remix No More - Linkin Park Remix

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f*cking awesome mix


Ereez responds:

Nice :D

[219] Rocks and Rolls [219] Rocks and Rolls

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sounds awesome

not kidding, it sounds like something that play's in a club, or blasted in a car.

now here all I think is missing, is a good rap too go with it

2one9 responds:

haha, well hopefully it will be in the clubs soon enough. ur wish is gonna come true this weekend when i go to the studio with my artists and they kill this beat. itll get posted asap so be on the lookout, and thanks.

{Dj-L} The Evil Project Final {Dj-L} The Evil Project Final

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what was with deleting it?

this song is awesome so why'd you delete it?

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{Squarion} - Sonic Glide {Squarion} - Sonic Glide

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read the summery

{dj-N} Roflcopter {dj-N} Roflcopter

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holy shit!!


dj-Nate responds:


The Leyend of Zelda main theme The Leyend of Zelda main theme

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Great remix!

as I said this is great it's too bad you got bombed right off the bat though


check my music sometime.